Workforce Housing, feel at home away from home!


The idea for Workforce Guesthouses has matured over the years. Specifically through the many experiences gained in the construction and industrial sectors.

We spent hours, maybe even days looking for accommodation where employees could stay on site for short or long periods of time. Unfortunately this was not always successful, there was always something: no microwave, no internet, insufficient space…etc.

With Workforce Guesthouses this belongs to the past ! Our service consists in relieving you of this time consuming search, so that you can fully focus on your project or product.

We therefore offer only up-to-date accommodation for both short and long term, equipped with the things that really matter to your workforce: unlimited internet, fully equipped kitchen, plenty of space, TV…

We try to make it as easy as possible for you ! Location, number of employees and
probable duration are enough for us to offer the suitable house or apartment for
offer you.

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Why us

We briefly list the benefits.

Each property is up to date and offers plenty of space for both short and long term stays.

Each house or apartment is equipped with a complete kitchen: stove, microwave, large refrigerators. Of course, all kitchen utensils from pots and pans to cutlery are also provided.

Each house or apartment is equipped with washing machine, ironing board and iron.

Each house or flat is equipped with digital TV.

Each bedroom is equipped with a single or double bed, a wardrobe and sometimes a desk.

High speed Wifi is always available. The unlimited access guarantees contact with the home front.

Our own accommodation always has parking space for one or more cars and vans. The other accommodation always has parking facilities nearby.

The houses and apartments that we offer have been chosen in such a way as to reach the motorway in the shortest possible time and to reach the work location in the shortest possible time.

The cost of the stay includes everything. No additional costs for gas, electricity or internet.

The nice thing about Work Force Housing is that they take care of the housing of the workers, so that we as contractors only have to think about the project.


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